Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dickens Christmas

Why wait until New Years to start something new!?! No reason I can think of! I decided that 95% of the time I am photographing it is work. I mean, I have fun and love what I do, but I rarely photograph anything just for fun, where there is no pressure so... yesterday I did!
We have the coolest thing every Christmas in downtown Franklin.. just minutes from my house.. It's called Dicken's Christmas and there are people dressed up everywhere as Dicken's characters... so neat! People are playing Christmas music, eating kettle corn (Love it!), carriage rides... it's just cool so I took a few photos and thought I would share them with you! Hope you are enjoying the Christmas season and all God's blessing! He really is the reason for this season. Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday kids

Well, this is my most favorite time of's my busiest, as I am sure it is for most, but definetly my favorite. I got to be at home for Thanksgiving and do a couple of photo shoots in between indulgence of turkey and pumpkin pie... loved it all! Now, I shouldn't have favorites but I am slightly parital to my niece (who is only 6 but going on 21) and my nephew (who makes me laugh often with his 3 year old verbage). Maggie has had my camera in her face since she was 15 min old and Sam almost as much. It's kinda sad when they ask "Auntie A, did you bring your camera home?"....when my response is "no", they respond with cheers and clapping and dancing..... whatever, they really like it.
Well, with bribes of "Auntie A's special chocolate"... aka "Hershey's kisses"... I got some great smiles and good cooperation. Maggie asked me afterwards if she would be my "role model" on the computer, to which I said "Yes, you will be a model on my blog" and as for Sam... well, we are sending a photo of him to a talent agent... we are sure he looks like (and sometimes acts like) a cross between Dennis the Menance and Kevin from the movie Home Alone.
I couldn't love them anymore if I tried.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Eyelash envy

If you have never been to Gentry's Farm in Franklin... you are missing a treat! I know people that go there every fall to pick out pumpkins and enjoy the beautiful fall surroundings and they love it! I finally checked it out for myself...a friend of mine is related to the Gentry's and so we headed out there to photograph her son Brady. Apart from his cool brown high-top vans, Brady has the most beautiful long eyelashes... probably the longest I have ever seen on a kid. Here are a few shots from his session!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh the weather outside is frightful and the ...yeah

So it is late! My eyes are burning! Why am I up then you ask? B/C I really love what I do! I have been blessed with many photo sessions lately and loving every min of it.
A dear friend and old roommate called me a few days ago informing me that she had moved just down the road from me and she had 3 beautiful girls who needed their photograph taken. Well today was the day and we had hoped to get outside for a few min but no, it was just too cold! So, we stayed in and stayed bundled and had fun. They just don't get much cuter than this....

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mom is sooo right!

So, can I just say that being a photographer I get to be around some really REALLY cute kids, and some really beautiful/handsome people... it's like constant eye candy.
I have this one friend of mine, Mick, who has been a good friend for many years. My mom has ALWAYS said "Oh, Mick is soooo cute... Mick is sooo handsome, blah blah blah". Well, I did some photos for Mick and I don't know if I just haven't been paying attention or what but I can say this... MY MOM IS SOOO RIGHT! Mick is "a hottie"....I rarely like to admit when Mom is right but when I confessed and showed her the photos, in her ever so humble way she said "Told YA"!

Monday, November 3, 2008

I've had the privilege of shooting some cute kiddies lately and we've been out enjoying the beautiful weather! This past week I was with the cutest little guy, Mr. Zion Kain. He's got a cool name, killer hair and THE cutest chin I think I have ever seen! Hold on to your hearts ladies!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sweetness and smiles

Well, I am always thankful when I have a good session with a baby... you never really know what kind of mood you are going to get, but yesterday Mr. Preston Webb was in a great mood and it showed in our session! Check him out!

Lots of Lovesies

Brace yourselves...You may be getting ready to see one of the cutest things you have every seen! I get to photograph a lot of cute babies/kids often, but I have become very fond of one in particular over the past 7 months. Her name is Georgia Love (aka..."Lovesies") and her only fault is that her daddy is a Georgia Bulldogs Fan. We (her auntie K and I) tagged teamed her for her 6 mo photo shoot and it was non-stop laughs and fun. Here are a few of my favs.... Enjoy!

THE ONLY TIME in life when fat rolls and cellulite are cute!

Her "best friend"....the pointer finger...almost nap time when this happens!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Young Beauty

I recently had the privilege of photographing two very beautiful girls who model professionally. I swore they couldn't be a day under 20 and my jaw hit the ground when they told me they were 14 and 15! I was fighting off envy for about 2 min when I just conceded that their metabolism still runs about 1,285 while mine has quickly declined to 47...such is life. HA Apart from being stunningly beautiful, they had the sweetest hearts. Check them out and thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Test shooting

Well Hello again all! Are you figuring out what I never thought I would have to admit....I am not a great blogger. I have been nailed with work the past 3-4 weeks and have tons of things to post and can't decide where to start. I'm going to share some of my most recent favs with you. My sweet friend Kristy Belcher and I had the privilege of doing some test shooting (all for fun) last week, which we almost never get to do. We had 3 friends come into a studio, one of which was Kristy's beautiful friend Kelly (seen below) and 2 other friends came to do hair and make-up (amazing)... here's just a tiny sample of what we got!

my extremely talented friend Eli McFadden retouched the above photo... he is a great photographer as well but also has the most intriguing and beautiful artwork I think I may have ever seen...check it out on his site.

While having coffee with friends the other day, my also very talented friend Stoney Noell retouched this photo for me! Am I blessed with tons of talented friends or what?

My good friend Daniel Kirkley agreed to model for us (can't you just see why I asked him? Hello?!) Aside from his good looks though, his voice is AMAZING!! You just have to go to his page and check it out!!! Brace yourself...your ears are about to have a serious party!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Good times in Chicago!!!!

Well, it's good to be home! I just had some incredible days in Chicago! I had the privilege of shooting a wedding for another photographer with my good friend Sarah Barlow! Her gifting of photography just blows me away and she is so pure of heart and just gotta love her! :)
We went almost non-stop with fun and a tiny bit of work for the past 4 days but I wouldn't have changed a thing! I think I saw every suburb of Chicago there is and met some of the most wonderful people...(including the Barlow family which I apparently met only half of and there were over 40 of them...THAT'S RIGHT, I said only half)! Here is a shot of Sarah and I and a little slideshow Sarah hooked me up with before I left today...pretty cool and fun! Look for a few more pictures to follow from the wedding we shot...once I can get myself together from traveling! HA
Thanks for checking in! ENJOY!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cute little people

My two favorite little people in the whole world are my niece Maggie and my nephew Sam. They both were introduced to the flash of my camera about 10 min after they were born and see it almost every time they see me now. We still have to work on the NON-CHEESY smiles and for Samuel, looking everywhere but into the camera is what he does best. I have always thought that "Auntie A" never over did it with shooting photos when I saw them but I am second guessing myself after a recent visit where I forgot my camera and Maggie began dancing and cheering "WOO-HOO!" Well... she didn't get off so easy when we took a little family vacation to the lake last week. I pulled out my bribes and got a few fun photos I thought I would share. Enjoy!