Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday kids

Well, this is my most favorite time of's my busiest, as I am sure it is for most, but definetly my favorite. I got to be at home for Thanksgiving and do a couple of photo shoots in between indulgence of turkey and pumpkin pie... loved it all! Now, I shouldn't have favorites but I am slightly parital to my niece (who is only 6 but going on 21) and my nephew (who makes me laugh often with his 3 year old verbage). Maggie has had my camera in her face since she was 15 min old and Sam almost as much. It's kinda sad when they ask "Auntie A, did you bring your camera home?"....when my response is "no", they respond with cheers and clapping and dancing..... whatever, they really like it.
Well, with bribes of "Auntie A's special chocolate"... aka "Hershey's kisses"... I got some great smiles and good cooperation. Maggie asked me afterwards if she would be my "role model" on the computer, to which I said "Yes, you will be a model on my blog" and as for Sam... well, we are sending a photo of him to a talent agent... we are sure he looks like (and sometimes acts like) a cross between Dennis the Menance and Kevin from the movie Home Alone.
I couldn't love them anymore if I tried.

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Winter said...

oh my gosh!!! SOOOO cute! how in the world do you get a 3 year old to smile like that?! and she is BEAUTIFUL!