Friday, September 12, 2008

Sweetness and smiles

Well, I am always thankful when I have a good session with a baby... you never really know what kind of mood you are going to get, but yesterday Mr. Preston Webb was in a great mood and it showed in our session! Check him out!

Lots of Lovesies

Brace yourselves...You may be getting ready to see one of the cutest things you have every seen! I get to photograph a lot of cute babies/kids often, but I have become very fond of one in particular over the past 7 months. Her name is Georgia Love (aka..."Lovesies") and her only fault is that her daddy is a Georgia Bulldogs Fan. We (her auntie K and I) tagged teamed her for her 6 mo photo shoot and it was non-stop laughs and fun. Here are a few of my favs.... Enjoy!

THE ONLY TIME in life when fat rolls and cellulite are cute!

Her "best friend"....the pointer finger...almost nap time when this happens!