Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Year - Expect MORE!

Greetings ALL!!! I hope this finds you well and off to a great New Year! I am expecting big things this year! I have no idea yet what that means or what it will look like but I am asking God and believing for more this year... not more so I can have more. I don't think that is why God blesses us with more...I think it is to give more. I am sensing a new journey for me... a journey that will teach me to better value all that I have been given and learn how to better give to others. My Pastor's wife, and friend Joan Evrist, has been a woman to learn from in the past year. They say everyone has their "cross to bear" or some cooky saying like that...well, I guess if it were true Joan's battle would have been with her weight. This woman had tried plan after plan and succeeded temporarily at times but never been deeply changed... until she gave it all up and asked God for His plan. Well He gave her the plan that was right for her and Man oh Man, did it work! Now, as you can see... Joan looks great! I mean, she is really beautiful just by looking at her but what God has done on the inside is even greater. She has been delivered into a new way of thinking and she has gained substantial wisdom and gives great encourgement to those around her. I am privileged to have her and her husband (who I now call "Papa Dale") pouring out their lives to help those around them and bless God. I was also privileged to photograph her a few weeks ago.... (drum roll please)................ (thanks for stopping by!)