Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mom is sooo right!

So, can I just say that being a photographer I get to be around some really REALLY cute kids, and some really beautiful/handsome people... it's like constant eye candy.
I have this one friend of mine, Mick, who has been a good friend for many years. My mom has ALWAYS said "Oh, Mick is soooo cute... Mick is sooo handsome, blah blah blah". Well, I did some photos for Mick and I don't know if I just haven't been paying attention or what but I can say this... MY MOM IS SOOO RIGHT! Mick is "a hottie"....I rarely like to admit when Mom is right but when I confessed and showed her the photos, in her ever so humble way she said "Told YA"!


Beautiful Things said...

Totally awesome pics! Yeah...he's definitely "got it". ;)

Beautiful Things said...

Sheesh- checking out some more of your're amazing.
But, I just discovered Daniel Kirkley- wow! I love how you said it: "Your ears will have a party". No kidding!!! Why haven't we heard of him before???
Thanks for "introducing" him to your readers!