Friday, September 12, 2008

Lots of Lovesies

Brace yourselves...You may be getting ready to see one of the cutest things you have every seen! I get to photograph a lot of cute babies/kids often, but I have become very fond of one in particular over the past 7 months. Her name is Georgia Love (aka..."Lovesies") and her only fault is that her daddy is a Georgia Bulldogs Fan. We (her auntie K and I) tagged teamed her for her 6 mo photo shoot and it was non-stop laughs and fun. Here are a few of my favs.... Enjoy!

THE ONLY TIME in life when fat rolls and cellulite are cute!

Her "best friend"....the pointer finger...almost nap time when this happens!

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The Velvet Trunk said...

The first one just takes my breath away!