Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cute little people

My two favorite little people in the whole world are my niece Maggie and my nephew Sam. They both were introduced to the flash of my camera about 10 min after they were born and see it almost every time they see me now. We still have to work on the NON-CHEESY smiles and for Samuel, looking everywhere but into the camera is what he does best. I have always thought that "Auntie A" never over did it with shooting photos when I saw them but I am second guessing myself after a recent visit where I forgot my camera and Maggie began dancing and cheering "WOO-HOO!" Well... she didn't get off so easy when we took a little family vacation to the lake last week. I pulled out my bribes and got a few fun photos I thought I would share. Enjoy!


Kevin Keith said...

Saw you on SB's blog and checked out your website. Great work!

steph said...

thank-you for capturing how sweet my little ones are on camera. we love you auntie "a"