Thursday, August 7, 2008

Test shooting

Well Hello again all! Are you figuring out what I never thought I would have to admit....I am not a great blogger. I have been nailed with work the past 3-4 weeks and have tons of things to post and can't decide where to start. I'm going to share some of my most recent favs with you. My sweet friend Kristy Belcher and I had the privilege of doing some test shooting (all for fun) last week, which we almost never get to do. We had 3 friends come into a studio, one of which was Kristy's beautiful friend Kelly (seen below) and 2 other friends came to do hair and make-up (amazing)... here's just a tiny sample of what we got!

my extremely talented friend Eli McFadden retouched the above photo... he is a great photographer as well but also has the most intriguing and beautiful artwork I think I may have ever seen...check it out on his site.

While having coffee with friends the other day, my also very talented friend Stoney Noell retouched this photo for me! Am I blessed with tons of talented friends or what?

My good friend Daniel Kirkley agreed to model for us (can't you just see why I asked him? Hello?!) Aside from his good looks though, his voice is AMAZING!! You just have to go to his page and check it out!!! Brace yourself...your ears are about to have a serious party!

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