Monday, July 7, 2008

Good times in Chicago!!!!

Well, it's good to be home! I just had some incredible days in Chicago! I had the privilege of shooting a wedding for another photographer with my good friend Sarah Barlow! Her gifting of photography just blows me away and she is so pure of heart and just gotta love her! :)
We went almost non-stop with fun and a tiny bit of work for the past 4 days but I wouldn't have changed a thing! I think I saw every suburb of Chicago there is and met some of the most wonderful people...(including the Barlow family which I apparently met only half of and there were over 40 of them...THAT'S RIGHT, I said only half)! Here is a shot of Sarah and I and a little slideshow Sarah hooked me up with before I left today...pretty cool and fun! Look for a few more pictures to follow from the wedding we shot...once I can get myself together from traveling! HA
Thanks for checking in! ENJOY!


Anonymous said...

ammmmmy! my 40D should be delivered tomorrow.
i cannot wait to play with it!
see you tuesday.

i love your work from the wedding, by the way!

you're fantastic!

DnB Photograpahy said...


Please take the time to go to my page and read Vivianne's story. We need as many people praying for her as possible. please pass the word to everyone you know.

Thank you and God Bless!