Monday, June 29, 2009

Sweet 16!!!

Well, Kaitlin isn't new to making the blog! (Aug. 2008) She just celebrated her SWEET 16 and I got to be there and photograph it with my talented friend Kelli Trontell. I think my sweet 16 consisted of sharing a pizza with 4 friends and a movie. Kaitlin's party involved a bit more...we literally rolled out the red carpet! There was dancing, food, a great DJ, a beautiful chariot to whisk the princess away at the end of the evening (her new Red JEEP) and her first kiss with prince charming (her sweet boyfriend Aaron). I think it was a night she will never forget. Congratulations again Kaitlin!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Major Cutie

So occasionally I have the time to do a little "test shooting" where I just pick someone that I think may photograph well for an idea I have and we just have fun.
A few months ago I was at church one morning talking with a girl and this guy walks by and I was like "Who is that?!" Now in my head I am thinking...."Dear God, let him love you, let him be my age, and cause him to somehow notice me!" To which God replied "He does (love Me), and he's not even close so forget it!"
So I think "Well, a face like that just can't go to waste so, the girl I was talking to knew him and asked him if he wanted to do a test shoot with me and bingo... he's in.
Now, I gotta say with my past (slightly tainted) view of men that are very handsome, they usually know it and it shows which totally turns my a bad way. Am I right ladies or am I right? Not so with this guy... Kyle has no clue that he's a major cutie anyway. He, like Marisha in my last post, is what I would refer to as "the total package". He really is sweet, thoughtful, so humble, loves God...and handsome. If only he had an older brother. :/

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh so pretty

When God was handing out the good looks.... my girl Marisha got a double portion. She is the sweetest thing AND is super fun....she is what I would call the "total package"! I challenge anyone to disagree. HA.
Check back for more new stuff...coming soon!