Thursday, February 12, 2009

AAAHHHH.... :)

Well...I've had a break and I feel refreshed! Every now and then I have to step back from the business of photography a little and get refreshed, refocused, and rested.
I felt like Jan. was supposed to be one of those months so...I did just that and now I am ready to start getting back in. I have a couple of fun shoots over the weekend so check back in the next few days/week and check out the new stuff but for today...well, I was "filing older files" and came across a shoot that I just felt like sharing. I had the opportunity to meet Kate and Delaney this past fall and hang out at the park with them and their mom's (who are sisters). It was a beautiful day and the girls were so fun to watch! They are cousins and good friends. I am usually a photographer who favors color more than B&W but when editing their photos, I found myself going crazy with the B&W!! Enjoy and come back to visit soon! :)

Now, I could never get away with sitting like this at the park or any other public place for that matter but you gotta admit...Kate is pretty darn cute...fat rolls on her legs, her little bloomers peeking's just cute when you're 3!

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