Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hard Times

Hello all! I have been out of the loop with keeping up with blogging!!! I have been (probably) too busy lately and not enjoying the simple pleasures of keeping up with people and what is going on with them! Now that I am ready to blog and post some new photos, my computer crashes! Yep, "Bernice" my Macbook (yeah, I named a computer - laugh, it's a fun name)... well, "Bernice" just up and pooped out on me yesterday so I took her to the Dr. (the Apple Store). She is so bad that I am now having to take her to my friend Sampson (who I am convinced can fix any computer/media problem) to retrieve info from the hard drive... pray that she will survive! So, what better to do since Bernice is sick but go out and shoot some more and enjoy the beautiful weather. Check in later for more new things to come!
Hope you all are well and loving life!


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